Construction Stages

Inspections per each stage

During construction of your home you may wish an inspector to look at the house as it progresses before payment.

A builder will have his contract worked out so that he can progressively be funded through the construction.

After the deposit is paid the builder will then want to be paid during the following stages, or a variance of these following stages.

  1. Concrete slab and footings.
  2. The wall frame is on and the roof frame is up.
  3. The bricks are up, windows in and roof is on. This is called Lock Up.
  4. The fixing is finished. All the walls are lined and doors are in and skirting on, and fittings are installed.
  5. Painting is done.
  6. The landscaping is done and the building has reached practical completion stage.

There will be varying changes to the above. There may be another floor for example. Or there may be another stage in there, or one less.

You also might want to have a consultation about your plans before you sign up. In that case I will go over all the different things that you might need to know and have worked out before you start.

For example, do you have a timber upper floor under the top bathroom. Do you know it will not slope or drain as it will be flat?

And what are the reveals the builder will use in your robes? Will they be timber or a cheaper bent metal?

And landscaping? Will it include trees? Will the path side bricks be cut at angles or just filled at joints?

And over your windows, how will you want those bricks to look? Ordinary, the cheapest? Or something a bit more classy such as soldier coursing? And the same with your brick sills. Do you want the extremely ugly sill corner bricks with the holes just partially filled with mortar? Or do you want something looking a bit more classy?

And your flat roof, with its box gutter – are you really sure it will not flood?

And that horizontal colourbond, beneath the windows, are you sure the water will be held out? What flashing is designed for it?

And what about your internal doors? Will the tops and bottoms be painted? The manufacturer will void his warrantee if the doors are unpainted on top. But most painters do not paint the door tops in Canberra.

And what about the front threshold? It is nicely stained when it leaves the factory? Will it be repainted after the house is finished? Most likely it will not be, unless you specify it.

And what about your beautiful garage concrete floor? Will it be a rubbish pit and left stained and coloured with plaster and cement? Most likely unless you specify it. Will it be painted with concrete paint afterwards if damaged by paint and trades etc?

Many clients wish they had gotten what the builder was going to build ironed out before they contracted. So understand this. If you do not state exactly what it is you are going to receive, you may not receive what you expect.

So, you decide.