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An Important Inspection

There are several key special inspections. They are usually required when the building owner is having trouble with someone else. This can be when there is now trouble, or when they expecting trouble, or they are trying to avoid trouble.

The Report

This inspection is usually about simply documenting what is there, or, what has been missed out that should have been put there.

In a home that has just been just been built it is not uncommon to get a Practical Completion Inspection. This is a normal building inspection and is to pick up minor faults not finished by the builder so that the owner can move into their new home. It is good to have it done by a professional, the same as you would use a lawyer to do your conveyancing.

If you have found a special problem, in something that has been built, and you need as special inspection on that issue only, then a special inspection is in order.

A special inspection may be that paving is pooling. It may be all kinds of things. T his can be for older houses as well. And it can be for properties being renovated.

Use Professionals

What happens sometimes is that many people do not use professionals today during the construction of their new homes. The house then fails. And sometimes the house is not built to the owner’s expectations, be it quality or speed. We advise that you engage an architect to oversee your home’s construction. Or, minimally, engage a building inspector to help you.

Your Council

Today, in the age of privatization, do not expect the Access Canberra to do it all for you. In general terms, the builder will engage an engineer and a building certifier to help him be sure all is well. It is the responsibility of the home owner to protect their own interests. However, some will decide it is better to save money and deal with the builder themselves.  For some that try that, they run into trouble. Then at the end of the build, or after moving in, they may need a Special Inspection.

The Inspector

This may then need to have the inspector backtrack, and not just see the building, and note its condition. This inspection might need to have drawings reviewed, correspondence reviewed and so on, with the current building compared to what should have been contractually built. So, this inspection may need a review of the contract documents.

Each house is different here. Clients are different. Every builder is different. The building tradespeople are all different too. So are Building Inspectors.

Often people in this situation have been to lawyers already.

Incorrect Information

Some things might be missing from the building that were in the contract. Some things might not be well built. Generally all these things need to be documented. A building inspection file needs to be made of photographs, with explanations of what is there of the day of the inspection. Then that report can me made available to the builder or lawyer, and so a solution can be sought.

What is a Building Inspector?

Generally, a Building Inspector is not a Building Certifier. They are different. Nick is a builder and he describes it like this: You supply him the drawings and he could build it. As an inspector he will report how it should have been built. But if you want to know what standard applies, what code is broken, what the code number is that should have been applied, then you will need a Building Certifier.

Building Codes

Of course Nick can contact such a person. As a matter of course Building Inspector’s know and learn what code apply where, but they do not know all codes. There are many thousands of pages of Australian Building Codes and Australian Standards in use today. The Building Surveyor, who mostly works as a Building Certifier, has the job of knowing these codes and standards.

Going to Court

A Building Inspection may have to go to court. Nick has a history of working with lawyers – several countries.  So, Nick’s reports are factual, precise. Everything written must be able to be defended as being true. If the client wishes something additional included, it is on client to say so.

So, if you have a building problem, let us talk about it and see what you need.

Eventually, you may need to contact the Department of Fair Trading. But they will often ask for an inspection report as well.


Written by Nick Broadhurst, our inspector. For more information on Nick: See here

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