We have Other Inspectors who work with us

We have other inspectors who we would like to recommend. They are as follows, but may be added to as needed.

Perth Western Australia

Prompt Building Inspections

Prompt Building Inspections are a mainstay of building inspections in Western Australia. He has good Prices, and these are not hidden as are on some sites, and they are fair if not the best. The inspector, Jon, is a registered builder in Western Australia, and he keeps up with the latest building inspection technology. See his termite image seeker here with thermal imaging. Also check out his scope of inspecting a building as it is being built – Inspection Types. He is a real professional and you would do well of you are moving to Perth to give him a call and ask about inspecting any house you are interested in buying.

Canberra Australian Capital Territory

Professional Residential Inspection Reports of ACT also have a good inspector. Their prices again are fair and they can do all the inspection work. They also do all inspections. Contact them as needed. They also serve New South Wales.

My Canberra Building Inspections Business Site is another promotional tool supplied by Google which we are employing. It can be viewed here on this link.