Unit 3 26 Dominion Circuit Forrest ACT


The seller, Jue Wang, has not paid for the inspection as the inspector found too many defects. He was asked to leave the site so another could be engaged who might not find as much wrong with the building.



Building Inspection

Unit 3 26 Dominion Circuit,

Forrest ACT

The following Building Inspection was done at the above address on 18th June, 2021.

The owner is: Jue Wang, currently residing in China.

The person selling the property is Christine Yu, originally from Shanghai. As the inspector was finding the below defects the property, the person known as Christine Yu, representing Jue Wang,  said three times that she would not be able to sell this property with these in the report. Thus the person seemed to want to dismiss the inspector, before he got to the top floor, and the roof. She said she knew of another inspector who really did not look very hard. So, she wanted to use that company. She showed the inspector on her phone which company that was.

Christine Yu promised to pay for our inspector’s time, and an amount was worked out. The inspector sent the below in a report. The payment never happened despite the promise.

So, in the interests of the prospective buyers, and to be fair to them, and to diminish the inspector’s own legal liability of knowing what was was at the time of the inspection, this page is being posted. The inspector wants buyers to not get a wrong idea of what was there on the day of his inspection.

This inspector also encourages all prospective buyers to get an independent inspector to continue the inspection of the upstairs and the roof.

The bare wires should not be exposed.

This side cover in the laundry is coming away.

This privacy latch to the laundry does not work as it does not align.

This shower tap was leaking in the ground floor bathroom.

In the ground floor bedroom this is from moisture forming on the windows.

This needs fixing to prevent further rusting.

This is just surface rust, but would still be good to fix.

These cracks are cosmetic and should be filled.

The insulation around the pipes from the air con by the wall are decaying.

There are cosmetic cracks on the façade.

Maintenance is needed on the planter boxes to stop further cracking.

This external power point on the wall is not secured tight and moves a bit.

There are various cosmetic cracks in the paving tiles as seen above.

The agreed price of the terminated inspection above was $997 plus GST.

Originally there was also going to be a Termite and Timber Pest Report, an EER and a Compliance Report.