Prices Rates per Inspection


The inspections will vary as they are for different things. But for most people they want the Pre-Purchase Inspection.  That includes the Building Inspection, the Termite and Timber Pest Inspection, the Energy Rating and the Compliance Report. Plus you get the government file of plans.  We have the other inspections too.  And if you think you need to speak about the price, please call us.  Generally, travel costs will vary, but travelling beyond Yass and return starts at $50.

All prices include GST.

For cash payment on site there is currently a $97 discount. This generally does not apply to Special Inspections as they are already tailored to suit.

A digital receipt is always sent with the report.

Standard Pre-Purchase ACT

$977Total Package
  • Building Inspection, Termites and Timber Pest, Compliance Report, Energy Efficiency Report – if needed, Conveyancing File. This includes the fees to ACTPLA for the conveyancing file, and the Energy Rating Report. It includes submitting the files to ACTPLA. Price is cheaper if an Energy Rating isn’t needed. Ring us and find out. Don’t overpay.

Building Inspection Only

  • In Canberra/ACT. These inspections are just for the building. They can be for commercial, shops, medical centres, and so on. They also are the same base price for country homes in NSW. Travel to remote places is extra. Extra buildings on farms are extra.

Building & Timber Pest

  • Canberra/NSW. This is the Building Inspection and the Termite and Timber Pest Inspection. This is for selected inner areas of NSW. Any further out may incur additional travel costs.  For more buildings than the residence, the price may be more too. See travel costs above.

Practical Completion

  • Canberra/ACT. This is for houses and units. It is up to the client to arrange to have the agent or the builder/supervisor present. These reports might be long. In the house version we are also looking to make it easy to get the builder to fix what is found. Bigger homes could be more.

Commercial Inspections

  • Canberra/ACT. These are small factories, small medical facilities, small shops and so on. They are a basic standard building inspection, without the termite and timber pest. Like in a home we test the basics. It is all non intrusive and many photographs are common.

Special Inspections

  • This can vary but we say it is above until we get a firmer idea. For example, if it is a court case, it might mean waiting for a magistrate, a lawyer and so on. If it is insurance the time on site is less but the reports are more. This just needs to be fair.

Construction Package

$$997A package
  • TWO STORIES: A two story house with four inspections. These are Plate Height on the ground floor, Plate Height second floor, roof on with Lock Up, and then the Practical Completion Inspection at the end. But give us a call.

Construction Package

$897A package
  • ONE STORY: A single story house with three inspections. These are Plate Height on the ground floor, then the roof on with Lock Up, and then the Practical Completion Inspection at the end. But give us a call and let’s see the plans.