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Building Inspection Prices Vary

Canberra Building Inspections Prices vary. Many people from Canberra want the full Pre-Purchase Inspection for selling.  That includes a Building Inspection, a Termite and Timber Pest Inspection, as well as an Energy Rating. Plus the Compliance Report. Plus, the government file of plans.

Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection – just before you buy – is also very popular in ACT and NSW. In ACT it is popular just before any purchase. And some bank lenders insist on it for a unit purchase. Also, some people like it as a second opinion against the seller’s building inspector. That is fine too.

Travel Costs to Outer Areas

Generally, travel costs will vary, but travelling to Yass and Bungendore in NSW is within the below prices. So is Googong, Karabar and Queanbeyan, within New South Wales. So, with Canberra in the centre, you can see how far out we will travel and back.

Towns beyond Yass are extra. We have been as far as Major’s Creek, Jindabyne and Lake Eucumbene. That is, we travel a couple of hours there, and back. But if you require it you pay for the travel. We do not mind travelling. Australia is a magnificent country, and it is a  privilege to experience it.

Call us for the price of the travel time.

All prices here are plus GST of 10% as below.

Other Inspection Works

There are also Staged Construction Inspections, different Commercial Inspections, and Dilapidation Reports. There are also Legal Reports, Expert Witness Reports, Court Attendance and more.

Just ring, and ask. Our Building and Pest Inspector is registered here at Access Canberra. Our number is 111.

How we work is that we try to do your work, as we would want you to do your work for us. We try to treat others the same as we would like them to treat us.

If you have a last minute postponement there may be a postponement fee. We can speak of it if it happens. Postponing the inspection two days beforehand is no problem.


Postponing the day before puts us at a disadvantage, and we know it is generally no fault of you. Often it is just bad luck. But it is fair that the client share some of this luck if they postpone.

So, we think postponing the day before the inspection should attract a fee. The same would be for cancellations. On this, we like to discuss it job by job with the client should it happen.

Our Prices Are For Averaged Sized Buildings

Prices are as follows, and are for a usual, an average sized property getting the inspection, in average condition.

For example, a single storied, three bedroom house with two bathrooms, a dining and living room and an alfresco would be usual.

Tell us if it is bigger, has more rooms, more than one floor, or if is two residences, please. Also, please provide us the address so we can see the property online. For more on this please see this page Special Conditions on Prices.


For the conditions on Cancellations please go to this page.

For more on the conditions on hourly rate, when to pay, again please go to the Special Conditions on Prices.

Written by: Nick Broadhurst, building inspector, registered Class A Builder, Bach. Arch. UWA. For more information on Nick: See here

Nick Broadhurst building inspector on top of a roof. Canberra Building Inspections.

This is our building inspector on a tall building roof. He also does housing and commercial building inspections Canberra.

Standard Pre-Purchase ACT

$1,447plus GST
  • Building Inspection, Termites and Timber Pest, Compliance Report, Energy Efficiency Report, Conveyancing File. This includes government fees for the conveyancing file, and for the Energy Rating Report. Invoiced and paid after inspection. It includes submitting notice to Access Canberra. Price is cheaper if no Energy Rating needed. Ring us and find out. An extra charge of $250 plus GST if the house has a timber ground floor instead of concrete.

Pre-purchase Building Inspection

$597plus GST
  • In Canberra/NSW. These inspections are just for the building of average size. They can be for houses, units, townhouses, and so on. This is a general for all inspections including country homes in close by NSW. Travel to remote places is extra, as is extra buildings on farms.

Building & Timber Pest Inspection

$847plus GST
  • Canberra/NSW. This is the standard average size Building Inspection, but with the Termite and Timber Pest Inspection as well. This is for selected close by areas of NSW. Further out may incur additional travel costs.  An extra charge of $250 plus GST if the house has a timber ground floor instead of concrete. More buildings cost more.

New Unit Completion Inspection

$577plus GST
  • Canberra/ACT. This is for smaller units, as in multi storey towers, and the client is best present. The client arranges the agent or the builder/supervisor to be present. The owner checks their own inclusions are present. In this we are also looking to make it easy to get the builder to fix what is found.

Commercial Inspections

$$597plus GST
  • Canberra/ACT. These are small factories, small medical facilities, small shops and so on. They are a basic standard building inspection, without the termite and timber pest. Like in a home we test the basics. It is all non intrusive and many photographs are common. Bigger buildings and checking against drawings is $137 plus GST.

Special Inspections

$647plus GST
  • This can vary, more or less, but we say it is the above price until we get a firmer idea. For example, it might be looking at cracks in buildings, water coming through a wall, faulty workmanship. If it is insurance the time on site can be less, but the reporting time is more. Contact us for more.

Construction Package

$VariesA package
  • MULTIPLE PACKAGE: Average size. The first inspection is $487 + GST. The next inspections are $387 + GST each. Your last is the Practical Completion Inspection at $597 + GST (plus add $150 plus GST for a two storey home.) You tailor this to your stages. Five inspections are usual but can be more. See our separate page.

Extra Inspection Time

$$137+ GST / hour
  • This can include going to council building departments to look at plans, buy plans, read plans, read contracts, examine documents, return to the site for any reason, inspect extra or bigger buildings, particularly commercial. Do extra travel, and so on. Vehicle included.

Expert Witness - Legal Reports

$$157+ GST / hour
  • Canberra/ACT. This is for preparing Special Witness inspection reports used by lawyers, that help with legal cases. This can be defendng, or visa versa, and includes taking the brief, creating the report, and if needed represent in court. The client in this case is generally the lawyer.

Practical Completion Inspection

$597plus GST
  • This is when the builder has completed the construction. Here we look at an average size building for if it is finished. Is it practically complete? In particular is it truly completed and here we are interested in the cosmetics. Contact us for more.

90 Days Defects Liability Inspection

$597plus GST
  • This inspection is after you move in. Generally after your new average sized build you have 90 days to record all defects that have appeared since you moved in. It can be items that no longer work, or cracks have appeared as timber shrinks, for example.

Large Commercial Inspections

$$137+ GST / hour
  • These can include multi storey buildings, hotels, motels, trips interstate, and can often take many hours or even days. I do not quote these jobs, but do them on an hourly rate. It is fairer for both. Ring me and find out why.