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Pre Lining Inspection

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The Inspection

The Pre-lining inspection is a minor inspection to see that all previously marked items in the frame are finished, such as frames bolted down, all straps noted previously as needed, noggings are in, and then all insulation inserts in the walls and ceiling are done. It also notes that the ducting and heating and or cooling units in the roof are there. The plumbing pipes are there and the wiring is in to see.

Client Walk Through

The client should also check from their own knowledge of the internal elevations that the the pipes are in the correct position on the walls. This can also be done earlier.

The client can see and feel where the walls are and doors and windows are. He or she can see the view from each room. The clients really are starting to see what the rooms are and have.

Clients can now compare what they see to what they have in their mind. They can also check the position of light switches and where taps are going. The above photo, for example, shows the air intake opening for the heater/cooler. The client can see it will work where it is – or not.

Extra Reading

There is more here on this Access Canberra page on how to resolve disputes.

“As soon as you identify an issue or have a concern, raise this with your builder in writing. Your builder should take steps to address your concerns. If the issues are not resolved and are about building or planning of a technical compliance nature, and construction is still underway talk to your building certifier and consider making a complaint to Access Canberra. The building certifier is appointed by the land owner and not the builder. They work in the interest of achieving compliance with the relevant building and planning laws.”

More Here

“If your concerns relate to your contract, such as issues with payments, quality of inclusions, or communication, you can contact:

Full List of Building Stages

Also see more about the full list of building stages and contracts below. We would recommend five of those be inspected. The bigger the house the more inspections we recommend you have.

     Your Building Contract

     Slab Inspection

…..Frame Inspection

…..Facade Inspection

…..Roof Inspection

…..Lock Up Inspection

…..Pre Lining Inspection

…..Fixing and Fit Off Inspection

…..Practical Completion Inspection

…..Ninety Day Defect Liability Inspection

Worksafe ACT

To report unsafe work practices, such as faulty scaffold, please contact Worksafe ACT.

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Written by: Nick Broadhurst, building inspector, registered Class A Builder, Bach. Arch. UWA. For more information on Nick: See here

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