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Paint Inspection

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Painting Stage

Many builders have a painting stage in their contract. We agree with breaking down the contract to many stages. It is easier for the client to manage, and safer for the builder. And it makes the building of the house more transparent.


These inspections are tricky at this stage unless the builder is progressing smoothly. Generally, we prefer to not  inspect the painting until the job is practically completed. Then there will be scratches and buffs and smudges to put in the report as well.


There are some tips we suggest.

  1. Do not have your front door painted a dark colour. It can warp the door and void your manufacturer’s warrantee.
  2. The manufacturer will only warrantee the doors if they are painted all round on each side, including top and bottom.
  3. A female painting team will overall do a better job than a male painting team. People may have theories as to why. I have my own, but they are just theories. The observation by this inspector is when there is a female painting team the inspector’s job is a lot easier and the report will be shorter.
  4. When you contract the job find out what is your definition of a coat of paint. If it is three coats, watch three coats being applied. Otherwise you may only get two coats and it is passed off as three. Without sending a sample for analysis it is otherwise hard to say. But have in your contract that the wall must have be observable covered wall with no under colour showing through.

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To report unsafe work practices, such as faulty scaffold, please contact Worksafe ACT.

We hope this page helps you.

Written by: Nick Broadhurst, building inspector, registered Class A Builder, Bach. Arch. UWA. For more information on Nick: See here

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