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Franchisees Wanted

We are open for intelligent people to man up a franchisee network.

We would like to hear from socially minded people who want to help others in this field and do not mind themselves making a fair and equitable amount of income for doing so.

If you can read my philosophy and our inspector my page, and you can think that is not a bad idea, and that you can run a franchise on that as a basis, then that is the only real qualification needed. It does help if you know about buildings. Tradesmen, handymen, builders and so on are encouraged to think about this.

Cost Up Front

You will pay $34,700, including GST, as a franchise purchase cost. This cost is low.

But to that you can added the cost of your future website, which is modeled off this site that you are on now. This will be an additional $3,700, including GST. It is a one time site rental cost paid up front. A trust will thereupon own the website. But you can suggest to add and substract pages to that website as needed. We will do the work for you as part of the price. We will also take the site up the page rankings for you. Much of your work will be from being at or near the top of the page rankings.

Ongoing Costs

There is a 7.7% franchise fee (including GST) on all income. This cost is mediocre compared to others franchises. Some franchisors have their fee as a simple flat annual fee only. However, we favour the traditional franchise method of percentage. In other words, if you do not make income, then neither do we. The traditional method incentivises us to ensure you make income.

The reason for this method is that those franchises that have grown the biggest all over the world have grown using this method. In this way we are embedded into your marketing skills.

Our incentive then is to enable you to help more people, which makes more income, and so on. The more people you help, the more we get returned to us as well. For that we also want to be sure you are performing as your clients expect.

What you do provide for yourself is your own insurance.

We will train you, so that what you need to know from our point of view is known. We have a lot of experience. We wish to pass it on. You ask us questions from there, and it is up to you to empower you.

What You Get

You get this website as your sample. We will create another website on its own domain, similarly named with your region, for your use. It will not be a copy, but created anew.

We will rank the site up through the search engines similar to this site that you are on now. How we do that is our intellectual property and not shared.

Your 7.7% fee will cover much of this to begin with.


You get training on how all this works.  If you are nearby, we will also go with you on your first inspections and follow you though it. We also may have workshops.

You do not have to do all the inspection types found on this site. For example, you may not want to offer expert witness services and go to court. Or, you may not feel confident at first about doing commercial inspections, insurance inspections, and more. But you can do them if you wish. And if you get work that you prefer to pass onto others in our network, you will get a 10% commission if it is accepted.

You can also selectively add inspection services to your site as you see fit. You can even add services we do not supply. For example, you can add termite treatment, if you can supply it. That kind of thing. We will also write about it on a webpage on your site so that it is applicable.

We can also teach you how to advertise more if that is what you need.

You can also get the following

You will get your name passed on to other inspectors so that you can help them or their clients. If you are a roofer by trade, or a professional home handyman, and you like to still do that work, you can do so, even for other inspectors. But that also depends on distance to jobs and so on.

We can do or help you with the marketing from the site we create for you. But be warned, you might, as we did, get a lot of work.

We will also monitor your site, see how many people are viewing it, and from that we can see how many people click on the site for your services. We can help on this.

Why is this being offered?

This is being offered as I, Nick, personally work 80 hours a week and enjoy it. But I have too much work now. I turned off one advertisement, and then the other. But I still get a lot of return clients and recommended clients. Thus, it seems like it is time to allow others to lend a hand.

I see work as a chance to help others, and helping others is empowering. I even believe it might be bad luck not to help others when they need it.

So, I thought, I would get others to set up their business similarly as I did. I had two very good people help teach me, so I now want to pass that forward.

I will teach you about marketing, inspecting, show you how to get licensed as an inspector, set up your insurance, and so on. But note that all site advertising is paid for by the you, the franchisee, not us.

I hope this helps.

That is it for now.

Ring Nick

If you have questions, please ring Nick (0418 388 911) and have a discussion, or contact us on our Contact Us page.

Written by Nick Broadhurst, our inspector. For more information on Nick: See here

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