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Fixing and Fit Off Inspection

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This is basically two substages, the fixing stage and the fit-off stage.

Fixing Stage

This stage includes the plaster, the architraves, skirting, and doors that go on.

It also varies in some builder contracts, and some contracts will not state in the contract what is in this stage.

So this is a point of anguish for some clients. For many, those who do not have listed in their contract what is here the following can help.

Cupboards are fixed but not the doors.

The cupboards are fixed to the wall but were not fitted with all the doors.

Fit Off Stage

This would usually be the floor and wall tiling to wet areas. It can include the completion of installing all cabinet bench tops, sinks, vanity units, baths, tap fitting, shower screens, light fixtures, mirrors, doors, handles, fans and fans.

Cabinets not fitted.

The client received the invoice for this stage, but the cabinets were not fixed, and the taps and light fixtures are not fitted.

The Housing Industry Association in their Victorian site list the following: All cabinets, bench tops, sinks, vanity units, baths, taps, light fixtures, mirrors, doors, handles, skirtings, floor and wall tiles in wet areas, and other fixtures like fans and so on.

Fluid Contracts are Not Good

But because of the fact that much painting is already done, that is the first spray coat, because it is cheaper, some newer builders seek to delete some of these fixtures until the next stage, being practical completion. There is no problem with this if both parties agree to it at the contract stage.

Transparency is Best

But because there is not the transparency, and there are reports in the media of builder bankruptcies, clients are worried. So, bumping up the work to be done into the next category, practical completion, while paying for that same work in advance in the previous invoice, makes some clients very anxious.

Light dangling from ceiling.

This light is hanging down.

So, in saying that, the practical completion stage generally should mean the final installation and commissioning of heating and cooling, installing ovens and hotplates, internal and external painting, carpets and other floor coverings, landscaping, driveways and pathways, and other items that are remaining.

Make Your Contract Clear

These stages can vary from builder to builder. It should be stated in your contract what exactly is in these stages so you feel transparency and honesty. With some builders going bankrupt after the recent boom, clients are scared that they could suffer it it happens to their builder.

Different builders across Australia state the percentages in the contract differently. Examples are as follows: Plantation Homes Queensland, and in Western Australia they have this HIA system. Again, you are best to look at your own tailored state system.

Our Advice

The best advice we can offer is to have more stages tailored to your home. Be prepared to do more administration. Make sure your contract is very clear on the stages and what is in them, exactly.

Extra Reading

There is more here on this Access Canberra page on how to resolve disputes.

“As soon as you identify an issue or have a concern, raise this with your builder in writing. Your builder should take steps to address your concerns. If the issues are not resolved and are about building or planning of a technical compliance nature, and construction is still underway talk to your building certifier and consider making a complaint to Access Canberra. The building certifier is appointed by the land owner and not the builder. They work in the interest of achieving compliance with the relevant building and planning laws.”

More Here

“If your concerns relate to your contract, such as issues with payments, quality of inclusions, or communication, you can contact:

Full List of Building Stages

Also see more about the full list of building stages and contracts below. We would recommend five of those be inspected. The bigger the house the more inspections we recommend you have.

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Worksafe ACT

To report unsafe work practices, such as faulty scaffold, please contact Worksafe ACT.

We hope this page helps you.

Written by: Nick Broadhurst, building inspector, registered Class A Builder, Bach. Arch. UWA. For more information on Nick: See here

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