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Sometimes, One Must Go to Court

Occasionally good will, and standard communication methods do not work. There may be a reason for this.

Now, if you have come up against a sociopath before, then you will know there is almost no way you will avoid this final confrontation.

Our inspector has worked with police in different countries. Sometimes, it was for himself, and sometimes for others. And on each occasion it was because someone has elected that they be someone else’s enemy.

Taking on a Client

First of all, understand our inspector may, or may not, want to work with a certain client. He will honestly look to see if they are to be helped.

There are two ways to go down such a path. One is to use the criminal codes with the police, or the civil codes in court.

The Traits of the Sociopath

If you have tangled with a sociopath, as this inspector has, then you will recognize several traits they have in common with others of their same ilk. Such as, they are quick to put you down personally. Plus, they exaggerate. And, they talk about bad and refuse the good. And of course, while they are nice to your face, they stab you in the back when out of sight.

Such people also speak generalities. Specifics can be extremely hard to get from them. Also, They seem unable to grasp right from wrong easily, and seem to have a driving impulse to hurt others.

Also, they can be conniving and computational in their destruction of others. Plus, to do that, they must be in plain sight but not be spotted.

Where are they?

They can  work their way up into political heights, corporate leadership, be on building sites, and even be an apparent nice relative you dread being around. They can also be violent criminals.

So, know who you are up against. As around them is a trail of destruction. And, if you are doing well, and then not so well again, they might be close by.

Fortunately they are only a few percent of society. The figures vary, depending on sources, so research them more.

The sociopath is also called an antisocial by some. Read about them yourself. You will likely feel calmer having done so.

What to do?

There are broadly two ways to deal with such people. And being nice does not always work. Legal cases can hold them in check. But if they have crimes, expose them. Contact the police. And do that yourself or through a lawyer.

Just discontinuing to have them in your life, including in business, can bring relief.

But an effective way to handle them is to investigate them, for their crimes. Those crimes might be hidden. But they are there if one can find them, and expose them.

Suggested Reading

If one wants to succeed in life or business, then one might want to also read these books. When you have read them you will understand more.

The first book I suggest is The Art of War, by Sun Tsu. It is thousands of years old. Our inspector first studied this book in 1989.

Another excellent book is by Carl von Clausewitz, the author of On War. The author was a Prussian general who helped defeat Napoleon.


If you can settle this matter without going to court, that is definitely the best. Often a simple Building Inspection Report will help you. Definitely the mediation route is cheapest and simplest.

If you need to go to court you will most likely want a lawyer. Once you have a lawyer, you will need to have a strategy.

Should you need an Expert Witness, and if you need our services, contact us.

We advise that the lawyer works directly with our inspector. For this, the lawyer should supply a written brief.

Our Services

You will see that we will write a report. The evidence will likely need researching. That takes time. This is not going to be a simple building inspection report. A building inspection report is simply a listing out what is there. It is a record of what is seen on site.

What you often need is an evaluation of what is there, to defend you against the claims of a sociopath. That takes time.

The Certifier

If you can get a Certifier, that is good. A certifier will sometimes be needed to state what code is relevant in your defense. I do not recommend any but know a good one when I meet one. It is the client who has to find this person.

Nick is not a certifier and never pretends to be one. He may recommend you get one though.

The Report

If you need a report it could take ten hours, fifteen, thirty. It could be more. It is often not known how long it will take until it is concluded. The prices for this are on hourly rate and shown on our Prices Page. Read how much it can cost before rushing to get one.

But if you need research into the codes that are Nick’s domain, he can help and can do that too. But it all takes time. Understand that time and cost.

Your Lawyer

We highly recommend you have a lawyer on your side. We will only work for a lawyer or a client with a full and accurate brief of what they are seeking from our services. Nick has hundreds of hours of experience of working alongside lawyers and or police in different countries, including Australia. But he needs an accurate written brief. That may include meeting your lawyer, speaking with your lawyer, and getting his or her written brief.

In that exchange Nick will offer what he can and cannot do.


In summary, you will need to tick off the following:

  1. Understand the total expense in going to court.
  2. Understand the expense of our services.
  3. Have a strategy.
  4. Have a lawyer.
  5. Have a Certifier – if needed.
  6. Have a written legal brief ready.


Written by Nick Broadhurst, our inspector. For more information on Nick: See here

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