Different Files to Download

This page is simply to supply downloads of PDF files.

The reason for this page is to give a client an idea of what our average house inspection might be. However, these do not apply to other inspection types.

1. This is the authority form needed by ACTPLA (ACT Planning Authority) so that My Canberra Building Inspections ACT can retrieve the conveyancing file of plans on your behalf.

Download Authority Button

This will download the Authority Form needed to give authority to us to get your files from Access Canberra,

2. These are the Terms and Conditions by which My Canberra Building Inspections ACT do the inspections.

Terms and Conditions Button

This pulls down the Terms and Conditions pages in PDF format.

3. This is a Sample of a Building Inspection Report.

Download Sample Inspection Report

This is a simple inspection report sample.

4. This is a Sample of Termite and Timber Pest Report

Download button of Termite Report

This is a simple sample of the termite and timber pest report.

5. This is a Sample of an Energy Rating Report

Download Button Energy Report

This is a simple Energy Efficiency Rating Report.

All Building and Pest Inspectors are registered here at Access Canberra. Our number is 111.

For understanding the layout and content of the staged construction inspections there is more on this page. However, it also may be best to speak directly to Nick. There is no sample for those. Thus, speaking directly may help.