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The Conveyancing File

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These Are The Council Property Plans

We get these plans from the government.

You will be asked to sign an approval form to get these plans for you. We cannot get the plans without your written approval. The government is then given a copy of this approval. Then we can get the plans.

The Conveyancing File

The Conveyancing File is the file of plans of the property that is gotten from the local authorities.  In the case of Canberra it is from Access Canberra (Formerly ACTPLA – ACT Planning Authority).

The file should will have all the original and approved and altered plans that were submitted and maybe approved over however old the building and property is.

Energy Efficiency Rating

These plans are bought by us from the government.  We use these in two instances.  First we use them for the Energy Efficiency Rating calculations, to get wall distances and roof sizes and window sizes.  It can be a false economy to only measure these on site.  It takes a lot longer, and there is no cost saving in not getting this Access Canberra file sent to the Building Assessor who does the EER.

The same plans are also needed for the Compliance Report inspection.

Where Do The Reports Go?

Along with the other reports and inspections these are all then sent to the client.  In our case the client then also receives his invoice and pays the bill.

Sometimes the inspector will have a communication line set up with the real estate agent, and they can get their copy, and also possibly the attorneys of the vendor get it.  Each vendor will have the way they want to do this. It will be your choice what we do, not ours. We prefer to just send these plans to you, the client.


Written by Nick Broadhurst, our inspector. For more information on Nick: See here

All Building and Pest Inspectors are registered here at Access Canberra. Our number is 111.

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