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Commercial Building Inspections

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Commercial buildings

Commercial building inspections can be an existing property that a buyer has made an offer on, pending a Building Inspection.  It can be a small to a bigger shop, or even part of a mid sized shopping centre.

Inspections vary greatly

Mostly they are be small to medium office suites.  However, the inspection can include common grounds like parking and the like.  We will also inspect the grounds as much as possible.

Inside a commercial inspection

This property was bought off-the-plan.

We have inspected many shops, many medical centres – and Nick, the inspector, built a hospital plus a medical centre in his construction days.  Mostly his building was commercial work.

Canberra a is not that big, so the inspection prices here are listed in a regular price range.  However, if you have a bigger property, we need to review it.

Commercial Inspections and Insurance Work

This is hail damage being repaired in 2020 in the centre of Canberra.

The above photo is from an inspection for an insurance company, who headquartered Melbourne, unable to send staff to Canberra during the pandemic.

However, the insurance work needed inspecting.

This is on the roof of a fourteen story building in the centre of Canberra.

Above is of a hail damaged flashing in the centre of Canberra. The inspection was for an insurance company in 2020.

While these buildings are large, most commercial building inspections are smaller. A dentist’s surgery, for example is a usual size. A restaurant, or a doctor’s offices is not uncommon. These are more standard and are in the simple building inspection price.

Commercial Inspections Off the Plan

Another kind of inspection is for the client who bought the project from the plan, and it is now ready with practical completion.

However, they can be a bit involved and if you need help, and that may mean negotiating, let us know.  In these cases you are likely contracted to another Class A Builder.  They are the top ranking builders in ACT, with no limits on what they are permitted to build.  Nick is a Class A Builder.  Thus, our help can position the client on an even footing.

Canberra Factory Inspections

Nick has inspected small to medium factories in Fyshwick. Inspected medium to large factory-office complexes elsewhere in ACT. Also, small and large factories, and even a large art studio, were inspected in Queanbeyan.

Plans May Be Needed

Sometimes, these inspections need additional work like getting plans from the shire council building department so a Compliance Summary Report can be made. This an additional inspection and involves extra time and costs as on the inspection prices page. The Compliance Summary Report is not part of the Building Inspection Report and must be asked for to be done.

In 2020 and 2021 Nick was involved in considerable hail damage inspections.

Overseas and in other states Nick’s commercial inspections were usually around 3,000 to 10,000 square meters in size. Nick did many in Taiwan and Japan. Such would take many days, depending on the budget and details needed.

Body Corporate Property

Many commercial buildings have body corporate property. These are generally not inspected unless specifically asked for by the client in writing. These can include the rooms, outhouses, party walls, roofs, roof spaces, inside external walls, and generally what is the business of the body corporate.

Ring Nick

On this please ring Nick (0418 388 911) and have a discussion.  Commercial Building Inspections are generally simpler, but the stakes can be higher, and anything needing fixing is needed knowing now. Depending on the property, Nick may also recommends getting another to separately to inspect the roofing and gutters.

For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions as that document is how we aim to inspect. It is our guide, and you should know it too before you order.

On plumbing here is a government page:

Written by Nick Broadhurst, our inspector. For more information on Nick: See here

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